Lil Sparky - Permanent Jewelry FAQs

Lil Sparky - Permanent Jewelry FAQs

Every now and then, we'll take out "Lil Sparky", our micro-welding machine and offer "permanent jewelry". We don't do it often but it's fun to do for special occasions (like the upcoming Art is in The Air Festival on September 16th!). Over the years I've gotten a lot of questions about this unique way of wearing jewelry so we made this post to try and answer some of the questions we get the most. 

What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a thin, decorative chain (typically silver or gold) that is micro-welded, typically around someone's wrist or neck.

Is it really Permanent?

Due to the type of chain used, it would be more appropriate to call this semi-permanent jewelry since the chain can easily be cut if you decide you want to remove it. Wear this jewelry as long as you like and if you ever decide to change it up, a simple pair of scissors will do the job.

What's a micro-weld?

Micro-welding describes a low intensity weld that creates a small spark in order to heat the solder-filled jump rings used to secure the chain. The spark is not hot enough to burn you but it is hot enough to heat the solder. Though micro-welds can fail over time, we have seen permanent jewelry worn for years without fail. 

What types of chain do you have?

We typically have sterling silver, 14k rose gold fill, and 14k yellow gold fill chain. Each is cut to length depending on where you would like to wear your chain and how you want it to fit.

Where on my body can I put permanent jewelry? 

We offer permanent jewelry as bracelets or necklaces.

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